Moving back into the shadows

A friend directed me to this comment about the recovering community and prevention workers:

We recently held a United for Prevention – Celebrating Recovery event and it is our 4th year of celebrating recovery in our local community. Youth challenged law enforcement to a back yard game of kick ball… “kicking it for recovery” was on the back of law enforcement t-shirts and “Life At Its Best… Add Nothing… Play Sober” was on the back of the youth t-shirts. The recovery community was there and I know this because some of our greatest volunteers quietly try to slide in unnoticed – out of the shadow of shame as Penny puts it. We gave away the t-shirts as they were provided by our local mental health provider – and the most popular one I might add was “Play Sober”…. you could tell that the message resonated for young, old, middle-aged and yes – particularly with the recovery community. One of my friends in recovery commented “it would have been nice if this message had been around many years ago”…. 

It is now October and September Recovery Month has come and gone… and as our friends in recovery start to move back into the shadows… I challenge those of you in prevention to reach out and find ways to keep them engaged … they are your greatest advocates! And remember, the shadows often bring us our most beautiful flowers and offer a calm ending to our day as the sun sets… treasures worth celebrating!