The book that started it all

more than 5 pounds

only $13 a pound! 
That’s cheaper than Starbucks Anniversary Blend!

Let’s hope they offer a cheaper version in the near future. (They offer a more expensive version.)

2 thoughts on “The book that started it all

  1. As one of the few A.A. historians who actually contributed to the editing and commentary concerning "The Book That Started It All," I welcome the release of this valuable part of the A.A. history puzzle. My extended comments, one by one, are and will be posted on my blog now, the most significant revelation that the manuscript itself establishes is that a "Dr. Howard" tried in vain to have "God" shoved out of the book and his idea of "faith" subsitituted in its place. Thus the manuscript shows that an effort was made to remove the word "Heavenly Father" from the important last line of Dr. Bob's story on page 181 of the Big Book and substitute "faith" in its place. But Dr. Bob would have none of it. Neither, apparently, did the others like Wilson and Parkhurst who championed the manuscript. For very very often, the word "God" was circled, obviously for delation in favor of susbsituting "faith" instead. The efforts seem uniformly to have failed. And today, the word "God," descriptions of Him as Creator, Maker, Heavenly Father, Father of Lights, and Father remain. In short, the attempt by some physician to insert universal faith into the heart of the Big Book FAILED. And some of the other items will be discussed as time goes by. God Bless, Dick B.

  2. It's been all downhill since 1939 when "as we understood him" was inserted. Eh?

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