E-cigarettes and a random thought

The FDA has weighed in on some of the marketing strategies being used for e-cigarettes.

It’s amazing how this industry has exploded. Locally, it seems that one of the things driving sales is this year’s smoking ban in Michigan. Bars are selling them so that people can “smoke” in the bar.

Tangential thought: I was driving this morning and was stopped at a light. In front of me were a police car and next to the police car was another car. The driver of the other car was smoking and tossed their butt out the window while waiting for the light to turn green. This struck me as an incredibly stupid thing to do right next to a police officer.

What is that all about? I suspect the smoker doesn’t even think of tossing a cigarette but as littering. (I didn’t until someone confronted me.) Why is that? Further, I suspect the smoker thought nothing of tossing his butt next to a cop.

I’d guess that it’s some combination of semi-conscious autopilot behavior and cognitive defenses around smoking.

Whatever it is seems as though it would be a significant barrier to quitting.