Eye movements reveal processing of hidden memories

Hmmmm. I’ve always been an EMDR skeptic but this suggests that there may be something to the theory behind it. Interesting.

3 thoughts on “Eye movements reveal processing of hidden memories

  1. I had not been aware of of a relationship between the hippocampus and addiction, I posted this thinking about the often related issue of trauma. EMDR is a controversial treatment approach for trauma that uses eye movements to desensitize people to traumatic memories.A quick google search found several scholarly references to the hippocampus and addiction, several referencing memory circuits. Euphoric recall, signature experiences and preconscious responses to drug cues all seem to be pieces of the addiction puzzle. At some point, strategies used to treat trauma may offer some tools for relapse prevention by desensitizing addicts to cues.

  2. I have to say, after having gone through EMDR therapy with my counselor, my life has changed dramatically for the better. It seems to have helped with my PTSD, along with other things. My experience says…..It Works!It only took about 3 sessions for me, and they were spread out over several weeks, with "unresolved sessions" in-between. It was tough emotionally during those weeks, but I no longer experience any PTSD, and I am a much happier person overall. Highly Recommended.

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