Medical marijuana raids

Obama said that he would end medical marijuana raids, so this story is getting some attention on the internet.

As I’ve said before, I’m not a medical marijuana alarmist and I don’t think this is a good use of resources, but this continues to feel like an incredibly phony issue.

Here are some reviews of the “medical marijuana dispensary:

Veronica G. says “With the price of gas nowadays, not everyone can make the drive up to SF from the Peninsula. Cheers to a large healthy rotating selection that can please even some of the most descerning of medicators* (or at least raise an eyebrow or two). Props also for having in mind the “stoner on a budget” or the “day before payday” if you will, by selling in incriments as small as a gram or get the bang for your blunt buck from some shake

Not that I’d know or anything….”

Versace Shade says “No one medicates more than me. All I can say is that this spot provides high quality, top nodes of the best specifically Kens OG and Kens Purple.

BIG Fan of TRICHome K!!”

DT says “If you are on the bay grapes hype this is the club for you. Holistic Solutions always have a good selection of the best grapes in the bay.. at a good price too.. $45 an eigth will get you some dank grapes and sometimes they have some specials from like 50 – 55 .. never seen higher than that, but they usually have some amazing color or taste.

I would definitely recommend anything with the name ken in it… his granddaddy is hella tasty.. they have a cool variety of hash too.. from 15 – 80 a gram.. a couple different kindas.. right now they got:

humboldt hash for 15/g
buddha kush hash for 40/g
granddaddy kief 30/g
sour diesel high concentrate 80/g

All pretty dank.”

Only one review puts it in the context of medication in any serious way.

I don’t doubt that this is a serious issue for some people, but, for many, the medical angle is just that–an angle. So, instead, it would be nice if they advocated for decriminalization rather than hiding behind the medical angle.

Here’s a smart take on the issue from Mark Kleiman. It’s too nuanced for me to pull a quote. Read the whole thing.

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