Misuse of legal drugs

A troubling trend continues:

15.4 percent of 12th-grade students reported nonmedical use of legal prescription or over-the-counter medications

This is particularly troubling for 2 reasons. First, as JAMA recently pointed out, overdose deaths associated with prescription drugs are skyrocketing in some areas. Second, people who develop problems with prescription opiates often end up switching to heroin because it’s cheaper. They often start out by snorting heroin and end up switching to injecting.

One thought on “Misuse of legal drugs

  1. hi people i am a male thats 27 an that statement is soo try in my case because i started out takeing vicadin an one of those would make me soo happy an it would last for ever an than one of my friends would take methadon an that for me was even better an i could take to of those an be happy all day an night an even the next day i could feel it i loved those things but when it got alot harder to get some one had given me a oxcotton an than it started all over agin an those oxys would cost me so much money a girl that was one of my best friends told me about herion an i started to fall in love with it an she would shoot it an not even a min later she would be out an that would always scare me because i would be driveing an i had no idea how to save her if she was to fall out i always would sniff mine an would never get as happy as she would be but by than i didnt care all i wanted was to not hurt all the time an to be just feeling well thats it i didnt even want a buzz i just wanted to fell good an be happy

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