Olympic lessons for recovery management

Disease Care Management Blog draws some lessons from the story of Michael Phelps. How might these be applicable to recovery management?

  • Role-appropriate listening and helping: According to an ABC news interview, she said “I’ve been there not to dictate or guide. I’m there to listen to what he wants to do and try to help him problem-solve and make a wise decision…”
  • Willingness to accept risky suggestions:Michael wanted to stop his ADHD drugs. Deborah Phelps agreed.
  • Let experts handle the things that experts handle:Michael has access to a number of expert coaches and other advisors.Deborah Phelps stays out of their way.
  • Recognize talent and build on it:Michael was not very good at math, but his swimming prowess quickly declared itself.Guess which skill was the focus of Mrs. Phelps?
  • Stay in the background:Watch Deborah Phelps in an interview and it’s clear that she rarely talks about herself. If forced, she portrays herself as just a mom.