Dallas struggles with heroin use among pre-teens | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle

This could just be hype or an isolated pocket, but it’s probably worth noticing to see if it pops up elsewhere. Dallas middle school kids have been snorting a combination of heroin and crushed Tylenol PM that they call “cheese.” I normally don’t post these kinds of stories, but this one had some actual numbers:

Dallas’ three private treatment centers for youngsters can’t keep up with the demand for bed space and are placing underage drug users on waiting lists. Part of the problem is that the city has bed space for just 58 children, officials said…

The Phoenix Academy has received more than 40 referrals in the last few months. Nexus Recovery Center Inc. in Dallas and Dallas County’s juvenile services department also show an increased number of “cheese” addiction cases. Timberlawn Mental Health System has treated one to two youths each week for “cheese” use, chief executive officer Craig Nuckles said.