Join Together withdraws PROMETA article

On July 3rd I posted an entry about a study using Hythiam’s PROMETA protocol for methamphetamine addiction. I told you about their sketchy sales tactics and to expect to hear more about them. Well, this morning’s Join Together email included the announcement below stating that they withdrew their summary of the study from their site.

The June 30 research summary Anti-Anxiety Drug Said to Help Meth Addicts, which appeared in the July 3 edition of JT Direct, has been withdrawn from our service. It reports preliminary uncontrolled results from off label use of a medication approved for a condition that is not addiction. The FDA has not approved this treatment modality, nor has it been supported by peer reviewed NIH research.

2 thoughts on “Join Together withdraws PROMETA article

  1. If anyone has had success with Prometa for crystal meth addiction, please let me know. I have a family member who may receive this procdure and trying to learn as much about it as possible.ThanksJill

  2. I have been posting responses like crazy since I got the PROMETA treatment. I am so excited for all the people out there like me, who have battled crystal meth dependance. I am on the 5th day of the protocol. I have undergone 3 consecutive days of IV treatment and oral medications. The best way to describe what the treatment has done for me is that PROMETA has taken away the memory of what it’s like to drink alcohol, do cocaine and meth. I had problems with all of these drugs. Crystal meth was my biggest problem. If I am only on the 5th day, I can’t imagine what it will be like when the treatment is done in a few days.

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