Meth addicts reduce drug use with new treatment

This article* PROMETA. PROMETA is a protocol for combining certain prescription drugs and nutritional supplements. PROMETA protocols are owned and sold by Hythiam, Inc. Hythiam is in the midst of a major publicity and sales push.

Dawn Farm and the local drug court have had several very aggressive sales calls. They’ve gotten so aggressive, pushing and smarmy that I had to ask the sales person to stop calling and not to come to our facilities. It’s worth noting that a lot of their sales pitch was focused on the value of their stock.

You’re going to see their name popping up everywhere. PROMETA may represent the best pharmacology available today, but it appears that all of their drugs could be precribed by any knowledgeable doctor.

* Post updated 7/4/06 due to bad link. The story was corrected after it was initially posted.

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  1. If anyone has had success with Prometa for cystal meth addiction, could you kindly email me? I have a family member who may be going for treatment with Prometa, and I am trying to learn as much about it as possible.Thanks

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