Expert Blogs The Principles – George Bush, Alcoholic – Part 1 on Yahoo! Health

Initially, I was happy to find this blog on recovery. And, being no fan of Bush, I don’t mind reading criticism of him.

Then I grew more uncomfortable with the writer’s judgment. Over the past few days I’ve grown to resent this guy’s use of 12 step recovery as a club to beat Bush with. Although the blogger doesn’t identify with a particular 12 step group, I am very uncomfortable with his fusion of partisan politics and recovery principles. I suppose I could give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he’ll take the same approach with Howard Dean, but his criticism fits too neatly with the current partisan debate. It’s also worth noting that the author has a new book out. Is it a coincidence that he’d stir up this controversy now?

This comment from the blog does a good job summing up my feelings:

“I for one see no such novelty or originality in your comments. You have merely taken some simple spiritual tenants of a 12 step recovery program and applied them in a way that is meant to touch people’s political nerves. This is the very antithesis of what such tenants are meant for. Shame, shame, shame, Patrick. You have mixed politics and spirituality in such a way to get yourself noticed.”