Medication: The smart-pill oversell

Given the simultaneous explosion in ADHD diagnosis, prescribed use of stimulants and non-medical use of stimulants, maybe it's time to look at the cost/benefit ratio. We'll it's clear that the benefits aren't all that. What to make of it? Researchers are beginning to address this paradox. How can medication that makes children sit still and … Continue reading Medication: The smart-pill oversell

Could ADHD Meds Promote Future Cocaine Use?

  Boston University recently posted a series on their own addiction research. One examined whether there is a relationship between taking ADHD meds and future cocaine use.   The results of Kantak’s research could present a dual cautionary tale for adolescents diagnosed with ADHD. “If they’re an adolescent getting a stimulant medication, and they’re properly … Continue reading Could ADHD Meds Promote Future Cocaine Use?