Gabapentin: too risky in addictions?

Gabapentin can be addictive. Search for gabapentin or pregabalin abuse on Google Scholar and you’ll turn up more than 26,000 results in a fraction of a second. Pubmed is a little more specific, finding 420 papers on the subject. Vaults of Erowid has hundreds of gabapentin and pregabalin experiences detailed by users. It seems gabapentinoids … Continue reading Gabapentin: too risky in addictions?

Reducing overdoses

A new leader in the Open Society Institute shares a sensible perspective on reducing overdoses: Looking ahead, reducing drug overdoses will require major shifts in how we approach substance use. First, and possibly most importantly, Maryland needs to connect individuals struggling with addiction to high-quality addiction treatment that is integrated with their primary care. Primary care providers … Continue reading Reducing overdoses

Drug Overdose Deaths Are Increasing Pretty Much Everywhere

These images speak for themselves. Here are a couple of important sentences: Between 1999 and 2009, drug poisoning deaths grew by 394 percent in rural areas and 279 percent for large metropolitan areas, according to the CDC’s county-level look at the data. According to the CDC, roughly 60 percent of all OD deaths in 2010 … Continue reading Drug Overdose Deaths Are Increasing Pretty Much Everywhere