Alcohol deaths response – a whimper rather than a bang?

Given that there was a 17% year on year increase in fatalities and that the number of alcohol-specific deaths is a significant underestimate of deaths in which alcohol plays a part, I wondered in a tweet why there was a more muted reaction to the alcohol deaths than to the drug deaths. This touched a nerve it seems. A lot of responses were generated and I wanted to share some of the themes here.

Weaponizing Stigma: ‘people don’t die from overdoses’

Sean Fogler, a doctor in recovery writing on Stat, explains how his dual roles – that of a physician and that of a person with experience of addiction and recovery – gave him a unique insight into attitudes to patients with substance use disorders and mental health problems in health care systems. He gives evidence … Continue reading Weaponizing Stigma: ‘people don’t die from overdoses’

Residential treatment: making things better

There’s a bit of attention being given to residential rehabilitation in Scotland at the moment - something that's good to see. A working group that I was part of has made recommendations to the Scottish Government which have been broadly welcomed. It’s good to hear that the Public Health Minister, Joe Fitzpatrick, has pledged £90,000 … Continue reading Residential treatment: making things better

Sentences to ponder

This headline is for all the legalization activists who point to the legal status of tobacco and alcohol. A sobering thought: One billion smokers and 240 million people with alcohol use disorder worldwide (source)