Sober living houses – life worth living

Recovery journeys can be long and involve several attempts in order for people to resolve their problems. Treatment can be part of this for many, but there are multiple factors outside of treatment that also influence outcomes. One of these is housing. Homeless people with substance use disorders have higher risks, exacerbated further if there … Continue reading Sober living houses – life worth living

More evidence for 12-step approaches

Another study finding the 12-step involvement is associated with continuous abstinence: Abstract A longitudinal analysis of 12-step involvement was conducted among a U.S. sample of patients exiting treatment for substance dependence. Categorical involvement in a set of 12-step activities and summary scores of involvement from the Alcoholics Anonymous Affiliation Scale were examined in relation to … Continue reading More evidence for 12-step approaches

12-step involvement and continuous abstinence at 2 years

More support for twelve step facilitation and sober housing: Participants who were categorically involved in 12-step activities were significantly more likely to maintain continuous abstinence at 2 years compared with those who were less involved, predicting a greater likelihood of complete abstinence than summary scores of involvement. In addition, participants in the Oxford House condition … Continue reading 12-step involvement and continuous abstinence at 2 years