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Another study finds no benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy and contingency management with opiate replacement treatment. [CORRECTED: See below] Background and aims The Controlled Substances Act requires physicians in the United States to provide or refer to behavioral treatment when treating opioid-dependent individuals with buprenorphine; however no research has examined the combination of buprenorphine with … Continue reading Not available?

Balancing pain management and public health

I blogged before about the availability of opiates for pain management and the need to try to limit their diversion. While others have complained about draconian limitations on the prescribing of opiates and being too afraid to treat pain, I pointed out the explosion in opiate prescriptions and overdoses. It's a complex problem that demands a solution that balances the … Continue reading Balancing pain management and public health

2012′s most popular posts #9 – What Vietnam taught us

  I seem to have noticed an uptick in book, news and blog references to heroin addiction among returning Vietnam vets. (A Google news search suggests that this perception is accurate. I suspect it's because it offers a narrative that's consistent with the current monoculture.) It's claimed that this offers important lessons about addiction and behavior … Continue reading 2012′s most popular posts #9 – What Vietnam taught us