Bill White introduces a new concept, precovery: Precovery involves several simultaneous processes:  physical depletion of the drug's once esteemed value, cognitive disillusionment with the using lifestyle (a "crystallization of discontent" resulting from a pro/con analysis of "the life"), growing emotional distress and self-repugnance, spiritual hunger for greater meaning and purpose in life, breakthroughs in perception … Continue reading Precovery

Sentences to ponder

If your loved one is suffering from addiction or mental health issues, it means you’re suffering right along with them. You don’t have to struggle alone. ... We can make it together.   We Made It Together | Love First - Intervention for alcoholism and addiction  

Quitting Smoking and Anxiety

  A recent study finds that quitting smoking reduces anxiety:   The study followed 491 smokers attending NHS smoking cessation clinics in England. All participants were given a nicotine patch and attended eight weekly appointments. Of the sample, 21.6% (106 people) had a diagnosed mental health problem, primarily mood and anxiety disorders. All participants were assessed for … Continue reading Quitting Smoking and Anxiety

Beware of misleading headlines

A new article discussing the expanding use of medications in addiction treatment has the following sub heading: Experts are pushing for a truly medical approach to treating addiction as a disease rather than relying solely on longtime unproven therapies like 12-step programs. Unproven? Twelve Step Facilitation (TSF) is the treatment of choice for addicted physicians and they … Continue reading Beware of misleading headlines