We’re not alone

Pat Deegan linked to a report on the state of treatment for schizophrenia for medicaid recipients. Although there was some state-to-state variation in the findings, the study found that, while more than 90 percent of beneficiaries with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder received an evidence-based medication during the year, only 61 percent of those beneficiaries continuously … Continue reading We’re not alone

Integrated care?

Pat Deegan bites her nails at the prospect of integrated care for mental health care (The same thing is happening with addiction treatment): Is recovery going the way of the dinosaur? Is recovery-transformation an old idea that should give way to more enlightened policies of integrated, co-located behavioral and physical healthcare services? These days, I … Continue reading Integrated care?

Buprenorphine Maintenance and Health Care Professionals

Mayo Clinic Proceedings published a new article entitled,¬†Buprenorphine Maintenance Therapy in Opioid-Addicted Health Care Professionals Returning to Clinical Practice: A Hidden Controversy. From the article: When considering all of the aforementioned issues with buprenorphine diversion, it does not seem reasonable to prescribe this medication to an HCP (Health Care Professional) with a history of opioid … Continue reading Buprenorphine Maintenance and Health Care Professionals