Gabapentin: too risky in addictions?

Gabapentin can be addictive. Search for gabapentin or pregabalin abuse on Google Scholar and you’ll turn up more than 26,000 results in a fraction of a second. Pubmed is a little more specific, finding 420 papers on the subject. Vaults of Erowid has hundreds of gabapentin and pregabalin experiences detailed by users. It seems gabapentinoids … Continue reading Gabapentin: too risky in addictions?

Gabapentin high

DJ Mac recently posted about something I'd never heard of, gabapentin misuse. Sure enough, when I type gabapentin into google, one of the first suggested searches is "gabapentin high". There are reports of these drugs being used to maximise the effects of methadone and being misused by heroin users. In Scotland, a BJGP paper from 2012 reported: Unfortunately, our … Continue reading Gabapentin high