2012’s most popular posts #10 – Almost Alcoholic

This article demonstrates a big problem in understanding addiction and the a big problem in the current diagnostic categories. ...when we think about alcohol abuse or alcoholism, our thoughts often go to situations like this where someone is at a stage where they are doing immediate damage to themselves or others, but what about the stage … Continue reading 2012’s most popular posts #10 – Almost Alcoholic

The DSM-5 is coming

Change is coming, but is it good? At its December meeting today, APA’s Board of Trustees approved the final diagnostic categories and criteria for the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). The trustees’ action marks the end of the manual’s comprehensive revision process, which has spanned over a decade and included … Continue reading The DSM-5 is coming

More on the DSM-V

The Fix has a good opinion piece on the DSM-V, praising its movement away from dependence and abuse. The focus on dependence also implied that cocaine—which does not produce physical dependence—isn’t “really” addictive. That lulled many people in the '80s—including yours truly—to think that cocaine wasn’t likely to be hard to kick. We all know better now. … Continue reading More on the DSM-V