Sentences to ponder

Nearly one-third of U.S. veterans who are given psychiatric medications by their doctors do not have a diagnosed mental health problem Many vets given psychiatric drugs without diagnosis | Reuters Related articles Many Vets Given Psychiatric Drugs without Diagnosis ( 30% of Vets Given Psych Drugs Have no Diagnosis ( When "Psychiatric Survivors" Think They … Continue reading Sentences to ponder

Following the evidence

Ouch: Abstract: This paper raises the question about whether the data on the medications we call antidepressants justify the label of antidepressant. The authors argue that a true antidepressant should be clearly superior to placebo, should offer a risk/benefit balance that exceeds that of alternative treatments, should not increase suicidality, should not increase anxiety and … Continue reading Following the evidence

Racial disparities in antidepressant prescriptions

A study on racial disparities in antidepressant prescribing: A research group at the University of Michigan and Indiana University concluded that physicians were 1.52 times more likely to prescribe antidepressants to Caucasians than to Hispanics for the same major depressive disorders. ... The researchers also found that whites were more likely to be prescribed newer, … Continue reading Racial disparities in antidepressant prescriptions