Mental Illness not a barrier to 12 step benefits

  A recently published study replicates findings that addicts with co-occurring mental illness benefit from twelve step facilitation:   Background Evidence indicates that 12-step mutual-help organizations (MHOs), such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), can play an important role in extending and potentiating the recovery benefits of professionally delivered addiction treatment among young adults with … Continue reading Mental Illness not a barrier to 12 step benefits

Marc Maron on AA and psychiatry

This is great. I love Maron's fearless questioning and the interviewer's (a psychiatrist) tolerance for vulnerability and honesty: Slate: How did A.A. figure into your getting sober? Maron:For practical tools to deal with the addicted brain, the stuff I learned in Alcoholics Anonymous and the community of A.A. just totally worked for me. If you would … Continue reading Marc Maron on AA and psychiatry

Buprenorphine and emotional reactivity

The following article was shared with me by a reader. Not surprisingly, the emphasized portion below caught my eye. [emphasis mine] Abstract Addictions to illicit drugs are among the nation’s most critical public health and societal problems. The current opioid prescription epidemic and the need for buprenorphine/naloxone (Suboxone®; SUBX) as an opioid maintenance substance, and its … Continue reading Buprenorphine and emotional reactivity

The Game

Cabinet Magazine has an article on the bizarre history of Synanon from beginning to end: Soon the number of people wanting to join Dederich’s after-hours sessions grew too big for his living quarters. This was largely due to an influx of drug addicts who had heard of Dederich’s ability to keep people straight. For the … Continue reading The Game

Anonymity Hurts More Than It Helps???

This video came to my attention through this op-ed. I like the video and agree that making recovery more visible is important in reducing stigma. Last year I wrote: Am I the only one who is really underwhelmed with these recent pieces on whether anonymity in AA has been rendered quaint? To me, they seem to fundamentally misunderstand AA’s anonymity. There’s … Continue reading Anonymity Hurts More Than It Helps???