The golden age

Keith Humphreys argues we're entering a golden age for mental health care: For most of U.S. history, employers did not provide adequate mental health benefits in the insurance packages they assembled for employees. This wasn’t a controversial policy: most labor unions were quite happy to trade “mental for dental” when they negotiated fringe benefits. But … Continue reading The golden age

Hope, empowerment, capability, connection and purpose

Hopeworks Community recently listed his core beliefs related to his recovery from mental illness: The idea was simple. There are a few core beliefs about recovery that make a difference. To the extent you are able to live them your recovery will be positively impacted. My list of core beliefs was simple: Life can get better. … Continue reading Hope, empowerment, capability, connection and purpose

Recovery vs. Treatment

Hopeworks Community's blog speaks from the perspective of a mental health care patient advocate. He draws some important distinctions between recovery and treatment: Is treatment a necessary or a sufficient condition for recovery??  The answer is clearly on both counts no.  Mental health professionals have stolen the notion of recovery and defined it as the result of … Continue reading Recovery vs. Treatment

For Depression Treatment, Meditation Might Rival Medication – Forbes

A new study finds mindfulness meditation to be an effective treatment for depression: On the list of ways in which meditation appears to benefit the brain, depression treatment may be the latest to gain scientific backing. A new review study, out yesterday in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Internal Medicine, finds that … Continue reading For Depression Treatment, Meditation Might Rival Medication – Forbes