Does it matter whether it’s viewed as a disease?

The maker on The Anonymous People recently wrote: “Is addiction a disorder, a matter of human frailty or something else?” This debate about whether addiction is a disease or a matter of choice continues to garner headlines and direct our collective discussion away from the only thing that really matters: “How do people enter recovery … Continue reading Does it matter whether it’s viewed as a disease?

Recovery Management extends therapeutic reach

Yesterday's post on addiction counseling as community organization got me thinking about something I'd heard from a Scott Miller presentation. Miller argued that treatment outcomes are due to the following factors in the following proportions: 40%: client and extratherapeutic factors (such as ego strength, social support, etc.) 30%: therapeutic relationship (such as empathy, warmth, and … Continue reading Recovery Management extends therapeutic reach

Addiction Counseling as Community Organization

A few recent posts have put Bill White's paper on Addiction Counseling as Community Organization on my mind. First, was a post where I wondered if we were at risk for recovery capital becoming a proxy for class. I worried that this could lower expectations for people with lower socioeconomic status and be used as a justification … Continue reading Addiction Counseling as Community Organization

The evidence-base for 12 step recovery

There's a fresh round of attacks on AA as pseudo-science in need of sober debunking. All based on one book that is getting impressive publicity. The book may contain references to support its attacks, but the interviews and articles do not. The absolute language ("everyone" and "never") hint that this may not be the objective analysis it's reported … Continue reading The evidence-base for 12 step recovery

Not evidence-based for recovery

Abstinence-oriented treatment has taken a beating in the media recently. There have been lots of assertions that medication maintenance approaches are THE evidence-based approaches and that abstinence-based approaches lack evidence and kill addictions. We know this isn't true and have posted repeatedly on the subject. Right on time, Drug and Alcohol Findings reviews a recently … Continue reading Not evidence-based for recovery