"People need the support of the recovery community AND the purpose of a job"

Thank goodness for Rob and Diane Perez. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSf9cDXpVTY DV8 Kitchen was developed and operates as a second chance employment opportunity for people who are trying to redirect their lives. It's one thing to initiate recovery. A good treatment program can be pretty helpful with that, and a lot of people are able to do it … Continue reading "People need the support of the recovery community AND the purpose of a job"

Vaping and Gaslighting

The Washington Post recently published an editorial expressing concern about vaping. The original promise of vaping, that it could help adults ease off combustible tobacco, is being eclipsed by the damage being inflicted on young people. The status quo is unacceptable.Nicotine, highly addictive, has a deleterious effect on young people’s developing brains — exposure can reduce attention, … Continue reading Vaping and Gaslighting

FDA issues warning letter to Vivitrol manufacturer

The FDA issued a warning letter today to the manufacturer of Vivitrol for "for misbranding the drug Vivitrol (an extended-release injection formulation of naltrexone) by omitting warnings about the most serious risks associated with the drug from promotional materials." Here's the salient portion of the letter. . . . the print ad fails to communicate … Continue reading FDA issues warning letter to Vivitrol manufacturer

Sentences to ponder

Tufts University announced Thursday it will strip the Sackler name from a graduate school, buildings, and health programs . . . amid allegations the family and company sought to generate goodwill and gain influence at Tufts — particularly its pain research and education program — through philanthropy . . . No longer will programs and facilities … Continue reading Sentences to ponder