Jason Schwartz… Binge inking interview Part 2

Here is part two of Pea Pod's interview with Jason Schwartz on the Binge inking blog. Also, I’ve learned that, even after 20 years or recovery, I am incapable of reliably picking out who will stay sober and who won’t. I’m left having to treat everyone like they’re going to make it.

Behavior Change

Behavior change and motivation to change are interesting to me.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about how to maximize the likelihood that someone "gets it" (hope) while they are in treatment or detox and starts to take action.  When all of the stars line up it is a beautiful and rewarding thing to witness … Continue reading Behavior Change

A.A. Journal Articles

Two articles on mechanisms of change in AA. The first looks at spirituality and concludes: "Findings suggest that AA leads to better alcohol use outcomes, in part, by enhancing individuals' spiritual practices and provides support for AA's own emphasis on increasing spiritual practices to facilitate recovery from alcohol use disorder." The second at A.A. related … Continue reading A.A. Journal Articles

Propranolol Shows Early Promise for PTSD

When I saw the post on disrupting memory retrieval to prevent relapse it brought to mind this from a couple weeks ago. Similarities between addiction cues and PTSD are interesting. Both articles discuss the relative ineffectiveness of exposure therapy and the promise of propranolol in mediating the super charged memories. Here is a paragraph from the addiction … Continue reading Propranolol Shows Early Promise for PTSD