Revise the program

From Denmark:

“Junkies say no to free heroin,” reports Politiken. For 10 months now, explains the Danish daily, the nation’s drug addicts have been allowed to pick up free hits of heroin on prescription at healthcare centres. Even if the dope is pure and they run no risk of being prosecuted for shooting up, only 80 users have accepted the offer, which also involves detox treatment, though the centres have a total capacity of 300. “The treatment is constrictive, closely supervised and controlled,” points out the surgeon general in the Danish capital. Addicts are required to come to the centre once or twice a day, and each dose is administered under medical supervision. “If the junkies say no to state-paid heroin, the state has obviously got to revise the programme” – and listen more closely to the addicts, adds Politiken.

Shocking that heroin addicts aren’t beating down the door for free heroin, no?

It’s not so shocking to me.

I really believe that addicts hate their lives and have little respect for workers that fail to recognize the misery of addiction and/or view their circumstances as something to be accepted rather than changed. The irony is that I suspect that addicts often wonder about the character of people who fail to grasp this.

One thought on “Revise the program

  1. That many in active addiction have low self esteem and hate the groundhog day existence that characterises life is not in doubt. Some will say that this is only due to stigma, and although stigma is an imortant negative influence, it’s not the only thing going on. Living outside your own value system is hugely punishing.

    Addicts don’t want free heroin, or they don’t want free heroin from a clinic outside of their own culture that abruptly makes the reality of their situation more real and uncomfortable?


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