Eric Sterling takes the positions that pot should be legal and that it has medical value but the practice of medical marijuana in California amounts to fraud:

…the ease with which basically healthy persons are able to acquire marijuana in the guise of being ill is offensive. It is hard to avoid judging what appears to be a scam because the scam threatens to produce a backlash or reaction that may result in denying cannabis medicine to those who suffer and should be able to use it. The scam perception creates a another stigma for those who are seriously ill and use cannabis. Stigma one — you are breaking the law. Stigma two — you are a scam artist.

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One thought on “Fraud!

  1. My sentiments exactly. Lets be real here, the medical marijuana push is a very transparent front for pro-legalization forces. Everyone knows it, but the game continues. On one hand marijuana is unique in that it has both medicinal and recreational uses, and is not physically addictive. On the other hand, it does indeed come across as fraudulent and insincere when anyone can get a prescription. If we are going to treat it as a medicine then shouldn't doctors be held to the same ethical standard they would be prescribing any other Med? It seems like the solution is to make it an OTC, leave doctors out of it and sell it at pharmacies.


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