Priorities, Priorities, Priorities

Matt Yglesias on drug legalization:

Tactics like the High Point Initiative appear to work as ways of shutting down overt drug markets. If a city can do that in its most problematic areas, the best thing to do seems to me to be to have its police . . . move on to worrying about something else. If people are selling drugs in a manner that’s not a nuisance for their neighbors and doesn’t involve violence, why not turn a blind eye? The knowledge that drug dealers who aren’t making problems for others will be left alone should encourage people to try to find less destructive business models. That’s still a far cry from saying that there should be heroin at the corner store, while CrackCo International hires the top marketing minds and lobbyists in the country to dream up exciting new ways of turning kids into addicts.

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One thought on “Priorities, Priorities, Priorities

  1. Seems like a piece of the puzzle. We are alienating whole communities with our current approach,the High Point approach does just the opposite it gets the community involved.If we ever want to get a grip on this problem then demand must be addressed. Community involvement that stigmatizes dealing is a good place to start.

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