One of our staff, who is also an officer at the local jail, received some well deserved attention for her guided meditation and other work in the “therapeutic block” at the jail.

I loved this thought:

“This uniform confuses people,” Wilson says in an interview. And by “people,” she means the people who wear the uniforms. “It confuses your ego.” Civilians, she says, “outrank” police officers. “We’re here to provide a service.”

Can’t the same be said of getting letters after your name? (MSW, CAC, etc.)

One thought on “Confused

  1. Love this post. I read Michigan Dept of Corrections worker's blogs, and many of them DON'T think they are there to provide a service. They disdain the population they serve, and appear there to put in their time and collect a pension. Ms. Wilson is a credit to the Department of Corrections (which gets 1/3 of Michigan's budget) and to the human race.


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