Marijuana derangement syndrome

Mark Kleiman debunks the some of the latest pro-legalization hysteria. (Read Kleiman’s entire post.)

I asked Andrew Sullivan to publish the number of incarcerations for marijuana possession in quantities consistent with personal use. (Because I honestly didn’t know and he give lip service to bringing rationality to matter.) Rather, he’s opted to go with the umpteenth installment of “The Cannabis Closet“. (Why does such a smart guy embrace this crap? Does he feel the same way about people saying, “Dude, I’m gonna pound a case a beer tonight. I’ve got a beautiful beer bong that can hold 72oz and deliver it in 4 seconds!”?) I don’t really care if he wants to spark up every night, but the he celebrates it is getting pretty grating.

Kleiman reports that there are 30,000 inmates whose worst offense was marijuana crime. Another site reports that the number is 37,500, with 15,400 of them convicted of possession rather than trafficking. Too many, worthy of attention for reform, but not what the hyperbole would lead one to believe. Keep in mind that there is a lot of distance between current practices and legalization.