More on the power of gratitude

Bob Sutton posted a link to the abstract below:

This study tests whether gratitude predicts psychological well-being above both the domains and facets of the Five Factor Model. Participants (N=201) completed the NEO PI-R measure of the 30 facets of the Big Five, the GQ-6 measure of trait gratitude, and the Scales of Psychological Well-being. Gratitude had small correlations with autonomy (r = .17), and medium to large correlations with environmental mastery, personal growth, positive relationship, purpose in life, and self-acceptance (rs ranged from .28 to .61). After controlling for the 30 facets of the Big Five, gratitude explained a substantial amount of unique variance in most aspects of psychological well-being (requivalent = .14 to .25). Gratitude is concluded to be uniquely important to psychological well-being.

Gratitude also improves sleep quality.