Rockefeller Laws: An End in Sight

Good news:

The New York Legislature finally seems poised to overturn the infamous Rockefeller drug laws. The impending change comes too late for the tens of thousands of low-level, nonviolent drug offenders who wasted away in prison because of mandatory sentencing policies when they should have been given treatment and leniency. But after years of building support for reform, legislative leaders now have it within their power to make wholesale changes in this profoundly destructive law.

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2 thoughts on “Rockefeller Laws: An End in Sight

  1. our country really don’t understand,we have locked up people that did not deserve it,now we just made a drug dealer or user,this is what they think now,can’t get work,can’t get pell grants,all because you are a felon.We need a school for felons,to show we are still good people.

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