Methadone provocation

Rowdy Yates makes some provocative points about cognitive impairment associated with methadone, methadone’s legal status and it’s social purpose (treatment vs. social control).


One thought on “Methadone provocation

  1. ‚ÄúScientifically, until the medical issues regarding the short- and long-term physiological effects are answered, methadone maintenance remains an unproven enigma.”This is the quote Rowdy Yates uses!The data is IN. This quote is fron 1975 for godsake! We now have forty years of research that tells us the effects of methadone treatment long and short term….and the overwhelming medical consensus is: methadone treatment is a GOOD THING. This isn’t from a “societal control” stand point, that is from a medical view point.And I just love that he uses ONE study with only 18participants to conclude that ALL the other studies on methadone cognative impairment are null and void! am at work and can’t sign in to my wordpress account)

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