Trauma and parental responses to homosexuality

Here are a couple of links to loosely related topics. Loosely related because rates of substance use disorders (SUDs) are higher among LGBT people and people with PTSD.

First, a post about a researcher who theorizes that playing Tetris shortly after a traumatic experience may reduce the incidence of PTSD. The idea is that occupying the parts of the brain that play a role in memory consolidation will interfere with traumatic memories becoming so entrenched and powerful.

One earnest question. Would playing Tetris during study breaks interfere with remembering studied material?

Next, a post about the damage cause by parental rejection of homosexual children:

The odds ratios reported indicate that a homosexual youth experiencing high levels of rejection by family have a risk of attempting suicide as much as 8 times more than those experiencing little or no rejection by family. Looking at the raw numbers, this means as many as 67 percent of study subjects in the high rejection group had attempted suicide by age 25! Illicit drug use, substance abuse disorders, and risky sexual behaviors are also similarly increased in this group. The apparent effect of family rejection is devastating.