Expert or Shill?

I posted in June 2007 about Dr. Biederman and his role in the explosion in diagnosis of childhood bipolar.

Today’s New York Times says it’s impossible to know whether he’s a shill for the drug industry because of previously undisclosed connections to drug manufacturers, including $1.4 million dollars of income from manufacturers, $1 million for Biederman’s research center, and signing his name to studies written by a manufacturer.

In the piece last June Biederman said:

Biederman dismisses most critics, saying that they cannot match his scientific credentials as co author of 30 scientific papers a year and director of a major research program at the psychiatry department that is top-ranked in the “US News & World Report” ratings.

The critics “are not on the same level. We are not debating as to whether [a critic] likes brownies and I like hot dogs. In medicine and science, not all opinions are created equal,” said Biederman…

No, all opinions are not “created equal.” Let’s hope that all of the experts are not “on the same level.”