Ramstad for Drug Czar

Personally, I’d like to see McLellan get the job.

I’m also concerned about some of Ramstad’s positions on the war on drugs, but what I find noteworthy about the article is the high profile that the Drug Policy Alliance has established. They’ve been successful in shifting their identity from radical outlier (They do favor a blanket decriminalization of drugs.) to respected “liberal” advocacy group.

I agree with them in several areas, but I worry about them becoming the de facto liberal voice on drug policy. I consider myself pretty liberal and in attempts to apply liberal values to drug policy, I find myself reaching very different conclusions on some matters.

UPDATE: Clearly the DPA is libertarian, but their positions are presented as the alternative to the conservative pro-WOD position. I suppose this is because liberals have failed to articulate a liberal drug policy of their own? Have liberals been so concerned about being characterized as soft of crime/drugs that they’ve failed to take a stand? Wouldn’t the debate benefit from an alternative position?