Recovery management

I recently had a conversation about disease management that got me very curious about what could be translated into recovery management. 

This person is involved in implementing pay-for-performance programs for primary care physicians. In the area of disease management, they are piloting a couple of programs for diabetics and cardiac disease. They are providing some diabetic patients with glucometers and cardiac patients with automated blood pressure cuffs. Nothing new about that, right? Here’s what’s innovative about them. These devices will transmit information to their medical record at their doctor’s office. It will transmit the results of the test or transmit that the test was not completed. The doctor can call the patient in for a visit or testing if there is a concern, they can opt to skip a visit and just call in refills if everything is going smoothly, they can monitor compliance, they can also get a better sense of how various protocols are working with all of this additional information. 
Are there similar methods that we could employ in recovery management? What do you think?