Focus on medical marijuana

Health Beat criticizes the recent New Yorker article on medical marijuana as unserious:

Clearly, there’s no shortage of real, substantive issues to discuss when it comes to medical marijuana. Is it a medically valid form of therapy? Should we be pursuing more research? Evidence strongly suggests that the answer is yes to both questions. Given this, it’s frustrating to read a 12,000 word piece that culminates with a ganja grower declaring that “you’re still subverting the Man. And you’re getting people high.” Reducing medical marijuana to stoner culture does the issue a real disservice.

Obviously The New Yorker doesn’t have some formal obligation to publish ‘big-picture’ pieces, nor is it a journal of medicine or policy. But given how much there is to say about medical marijuana as a health issue—and how the case for it is much stronger than you might think—it seems a waste to focus on the tics and philosophies of pot dealers.

When it comes to medical marijuana, this just isn’t the real story.