2008 Elections Offer Special Opportunity for Recovery Advocates

2008 Elections Offer Special Opportunity for Recovery Advocates:

The Whole Health Campaign is reaching out to candidates, health policy advisors, and party delegates to promote the following three points:
(1) Ensure equitable and adequate mental health and addiction treatment coverage in all public and private health care plans.

(2) Support policies that promote individual and family recovery from mental illnesses and addiction as integral to overall health.

(3) Commit to investing in prevention, early intervention and research on mental illnesses and addiction.

Whole Health Campaign members want both parties’ platforms to reflect its three points. Yet they realize that a long-term strategy is also needed. “No one believes that the goals of the Campaign will be addressed or resolved by getting the right words in a candidate’s mouth,” said Dr. Goplerud. “Even if it’s not through the Whole Health Campaign itself, addiction and mental health groups need to be in this for the long haul.”

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