Youth addictions are up, study finds

What I find shocking is not the increase, but how grossly undertreated addiction has been among young people in Detroit. 42?

The number of young Detroiters treated for substance-abuse addictions — from alcohol to marijuana to crack cocaine and heroin — increased sharply in the past three years, according to a public health study released Tuesday.

In 2003, 42 people ages 12 to 18 were treated. A year later, the number rose to 179. Last year it was 377.

One thought on “Youth addictions are up, study finds

  1. You’re right. It is sad how grossly under-treated addiction is. I find it really sad, actually. But I’ve recently had a friend who had a severe addiction, and no matter what I told him, said to him, gave him research for–he refused to believe that he had a problem. He was in hardcore denial. I think much of the reason that people don’t get treated is because they don’t believe that there’s a problem–and their loved ones don’t take it upon themselves to help them.As such, one of my favorite shows has become the A&E show, Intervention. It convinces addicts that they’re participating in a documentary, and they show their lives, how addiction affects addicts, and the implications and effects in their everyday life. At the end of the show, they confront them and reveal the truth. Then, they give them the option to choose intervention or continue on the path of destruction. I think it’s so influential because it actually shows what goes through their mind, how addiction affects people and their thoughts. You should check it out if you haven’t already: The new series premiere is December 3rd at 9pm. I am working to support the show because I think it’s so important to help those in need, because they need our help more so now than ever–they can’t be treated if they don’t know there’s a problem.

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