Drug inflation

No mention of heroin or other opiates. My impression is that heroin prices are stable or down. Also, we’ve seen a downturn in cocaine admissions, continuing increases in heroin and other opiates, and we still see very few meth admissions.

Prices for cocaine and methamphetamine have risen for the fourth quarter in a row, a trend law enforcement officials say indicates supply has dropped.

The price for a pure gram of cocaine increased 47% since October 2006. The price of a pure gram of methamphetamine jumped 84%, says a report out Thursday by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

A gram of pure cocaine cost about $137 in September, up from $93 in October 2006, according to a DEA database that analyzes seized illegal drugs. A gram of pure methamphetamine cost $245 in September, up from $133 in October 2006. The DEA uses the database to gauge illegal drug markets. High prices and low purity generally indicate a short supply. Dealers often use filler ingredients to stretch a drug supply.

via dailydose.net