“war on drugs”

The first time the New York Times used the phrase “war on drugs”:

June 14, 1919

Health Commissioner Copeland Defends His War On Drugs
According to a statement given out yesterday by the Bureau of Narcotic Research, representing in its membership a number of philanthropists and medical men interested in the drug problem…the question that is interesting the doctors is how far the municipal and State authorities are seeking to interfere with the private practitioner’s efforts in curing drug addicts. Any amendments to the sanitary code as have been proposed that will aim to treat as a single class the thousands of persons addicted to the use of narcotics will be vigorously resisted by the doctors, says the bureau’s statement.

It also states that, according to figures compiled by the Police Department, there are at present some 250,000 addicts in New York. Of this number only about 15 percent are of the criminal or underworld classes, it says, and 212,500 of the total are making every effort to be cured.

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One thought on ““war on drugs”

  1. start the war on drugs!!!! A family problem becomes a legal problem. Later on, addicts are forced into cults for “treatment”. Treatment centers become big business. Addiction becomes a lifelong disease. Relapse means death..more treatment!!!! Bill Wilson was a tobacco addict who died of his tobacco addiction who used LSD(20 years sober!!!) and invented the tradition of 13th stepping. Now a refuge for sex offenders, crackheads, and junkies AA is a total cult and causes more harm than good, preaching reliability on a higher power instead of rational thought. Very bad religion, some of the stuff I have picked up on the street by religious fanatics was more convincing than the poorly written bible of AA known as the Big Book.


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