More on the new Canadian drug plan

65% for prevention and treatment (including culturally specific treatment) doesn’t exactly sound Draconian:

The Conservative government’s new $63.8-million, two-year drug strategy could be worse, but it could be better.Fully half the money will go toward beefing up treatment for addicts. Since health and social services are mainly a provincial responsibility, however, that money will go mainly to development of national benchmarking – so that evaluations can be consistent across the country – and extra programs for aboriginals. The main burden of helping addicts remains with the provinces.Another $10 million will go to prevention – ad campaigns and brochures to remind people, especially young people, how damaging addiction is. “Drugs are dangerous and destructive,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper said, unveiling the plan. “If drugs do get hold of you, there will be help to get you off them.”

Based on American experience, mandatory minimum sentences don’t seem like a wise move, but why not start lobbying and negotiating instead of calling them idiots.

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