It’s Not Fair. It’s Not Working,

The ACLU has started a campaign to end the 100:1 crack cocaine sentencing disparity.

One thought on “It’s Not Fair. It’s Not Working,

  1. I wanted to comment on this piece of news as soon as I ran by it..I was catching up with my daily blogging and caught sight of this article on Global Grind’s myspace blog..y’all should check it out if you get a chance, really easy to work it and saves me so much time Anyways, there are so many other laws out there that need a lot of attention and revision and it’s silly that we focus on this type of law. I’m in no way saying the law is just or doesn’t need any modifications, but mainly that those people are criminals to begin with, while there are other that are in similar positions for not doing anything! Yes, those drug dealers may not deserve all that time locked up, but they did commit a crime in the first place. I just feel like we should focus on laws that help non-criminals out instead.


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