“You’ve Got to Stop”

A well done article about interventions with several quotes from our friend Jeff Jay. The article is from a Washington D.C. publication and gives special attention to the challenges of interventions with powerful and wealthy people.

The only passage that bothered me was this one:

A member of another DC-based group, Faces and Voices of Recovery, worries that George W. Bush’s solo effort to quit drinking sent the wrong message to those who think they can handle their addictions without help: “George Bush comes to town, and the impression they try to convey is that he just suddenly realized he had a problem and he stopped drinking and lived happily ever after.”

I’m no fan of Bush, but to suggest that his recovery narrative hurts the cause is silly. He doesn’t present his path to recovery as the correct path and his message seems to affirm recovery in the broadest terms. As Bill White often says, “Recovery by any means necessary.”