Drug rape myth exposed as study reveals binge drinking is to blame

A sure to be controversial finding about date rape drug allegations in England. It’s worth noting that this finding, if replicated in other countries, doesn’t disprove the existence of date rape but does suggest that preventing binge drinking may be an important way to reduce date rape:

Doctors tested 75 women who claimed their drinks had been spiked by date rape drugs, not one tested positive

Women who claim to be victims of ‘date-rape’ drugs such as Rohypnol have in fact been rendered helpless by binge-drinking, says a study by doctors.

They found no evidence that any woman seeking help from emergency doctors because their drinks were allegedly spiked had actually been given these drugs.

Around one in five tested positive for recreational drugs while two-thirds had been drinking heavily.

The findings further erode the theory that there is widespread use of Rohypnol and GHB, another drug said to be favoured by predatory rapists.