Psychiatric disorders and substance misuse

Last night I posted an article about gender and substance misuse. I didn’t realize that the Psychiatric Times had a special report section on psychiatric disorders and substance misuse. I haven’t had time to read the whole thing yet. What I did read seemed okay other than a sky high prevalence estimate for borderline personality disorder in people with substance use disorders:

Nearly one third of those with a lifetime SUD diagnosis also have BPD (median, 27%; range, 5.2% to 74.0%).16,20 BPD appears to be less prevalent in persons with alcohol use disorders (median, 16%; range, 3.2% to 27.4%) than in those with drug use disorders, especially cocaine and opioid abuse.17,20 For example, Ross and colleagues17 found that almost half (47%) of individuals using heroin who entered treatment for SUD also had BPD.

Here’s a list of all the articles: