Public support for parity

Mental Health American (formerly the National Mental Health Association) released a poll on mental health and substance abuse parity this week. They are an advocacy group, so they have a clear bias, but the results they report are overwhelming:

Americans Think Health Coverage Should Include Mental Health and Substance Abuse… A large majority (74%) believe that insurance plans should cover substance abuse treatments at the same levels as treatments for general health issues. 23% feel that they should not be covered equitably. * The public demand for mental health equity is bipartisan — 83% of Republicans and 92% of Democrats want equitable health insurance.

One thought on “Public support for parity

  1. Hello Jason! Great post! I agree that health insurance should cover substance abuse treatments. Undergoing drug intervention or treatment is a serious health issue. It is also a rather expensive necessity for those suffering from addiction. The government can greatly help addiction victims by providing a health care program that covers drug intervention. -Samantha

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