Cold turkey plan for Scots addicts

The Labour Party in Scotland is rolling out a new drug policy. I’ve posted several times about their treatment system, which pushes methadone and successfully detoxes very few people.

The new policy has a couple of good points, including abstinence based treatment and accountability for reducing wait times:

One senior Labour figure said: “Our view is that there is a place for methadone but it should not be about people being parked on it and then left for years. There has to be an aim of getting them drug-free. Yes, we will help them but they have got a responsibility. People have just thought up till now that they have a right to methadone and that’s it.”

The insider added: “We feel very strongly that this agenda has been run by a fairly narrow range of people and not enough attention is being paid to people and their families. It is time to shift the balance away from them”.

Justice Minister Cathy Jamieson is understood to be furious over the lengthy wait addicts are being forced to endure in order to get into rehabilitation, and is now pressing Health Minister Andy Kerr to put pressure on health boards.

It also has some points that are less recovery focused, including searching prison visitors and having addicts talk to kids about drug use.